Next Warehouse Shop sale on hold due to the pandemic.
Possible Nov/Dec dates**
​TBD**  10:00 - 4:00pm

 Wedding Flowers 

Wedding Flowers designed by Karyn Schneider.
​~ Now doing a smaller number of select florals.
Check out our Vintage Rentals and don't miss our Monthly Sales at our warehouse in McFarland!

​​​​​​**Effective Immediately:  All dates will be on a To Be Determined Status
2020 Planned Warehouse Sale Dates 10:00-4:00pm

April CXLD through September ?? TBD  
 Sept 5?? - Oct 3??

Nov 6-7?? - Dec 3, 4 & 5??

a.k.a. The Petal Patch, Ltd.

Vintage & New Rentals

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 in McFarland.

**​​​​​Effective Immediately:  All Sale dates will be on a To Be Determined Status

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 4804 Ivywood Tr, McFarland, WI  



Our Warehouse Shop Sales are on hold until the Coronavirus is not a threat to all of us. 
So, be sure to check out our 
Etsy Page where you can shop anytime! 
I'll also be putting more items on 
​I'll be selling items, like
hand sanitizer, on my Facebook page
(watch there for Sale Updates!)

I can arrange for a local 'porch pickup' of your Etsy and eBay items,

as well as our items direct from my Facebook page.

​SO NEVER FEAR!  Your shopping therapy is here!